"Generate Positive Income

from Day One"

Learn about Commercial Real estate.

We'll show you real examples of customers who are already achieving

$500 - $1,000 per week passive income stream

through buying positive cash flow commercial real estate

The opportunities are already coming


1/ Possible Higher yields

Residential property normally yields 3 -5 %

In commercial property we can see yields over 6% up to 12%

2/ Long term leases (set and forget)

This means income streams can be more stable.

It is not uncommon to see tenants sign leases for 3 years, with some longer leases going 10 and 15 years

3/ Smaller Deposits

This is not what you would normally expect, however it is not uncommon to see small commercial properties in metro areas for sale on realcommercial that can be bought for less than $200,000. Compare this to the minimum residential prices

4/ Tenants during business hours

Most businesses are run during office hours so it would rare to get a call from a property manager on a weekend

5/ You get an asset which is tangible (you can touch it)

When you buy a commercial property, it has a replacement value. It is a building.

6/ The tenants pays the outgoings

With may leases the tenant pays all the outgoings.

7/ Direct Investment Control

With shares you have an investment controlled by someone else. With property you have a direct investment which you control.

8/ Leverage

The property can be financed to create higher returns. In some cases it can go to 80% of purchase price.

9/ Public eye

Most tenants are running businesses and so it is important to have a good public image which includes their work place

10/ Low Interest rates

With interest rates very low, some tenants are paying more rent than the loan repayments, so the properties can be positive


"Learn how to Replace Your Income

in just a few Commercial Investment Property Deals"

Instead of  having to buy 10 or 20 residential investment properties,

find out how commercial real estate investors may just need a few high quality cash flow deals

to achieve a strong passive income?

These investment property seminars are all about commercial real estate

Australia wide

A Sydney mum uses this method

to earn over $4000/week in positive cash flow.

What's The secret?

She invests in cafes, offices and other commercial properties for sale on realcommercial which have long-term tenants in place. These investment properties could potentially give you 5x more positive cash flow than residential properties for the same investment.

Plus, they can provide you with a PASSIVE INCOME.

At this property seminar. learn how to do it smart and correctly from a professional Commercial Property Investor TODAY.

Below are some passive income commercial real estate examples.

This mum used to work in the Salon industry in Sydney. She would work long hours every day. And when she came home at night, she was exhausted.

Things got harder when she was starting her family. She couldn’t keep up the same pace. So, she decided to earn a passive income from buying property.

She initially tried investing in residential property but the yields were too low.

After digging a little deeper, she found that she could get much greater cash flow from investing in commercial properties.

In fact , she now earns over $4,000 per week passive income from her portfolio simply by investing in ‘set and forget’ commercial investment property.

And now, as a professional commercial real estate investor, she wants to show you how to build a passive income through ‘set and forget’ investing too.


We'll also show you real examples of commercial real estate investor customers who are already achieving $500 per week passive income stream  in their Australian Superannuation Funds for retirement


Differences between 

Managed Funds vs Commercial Property 

These are just a few examples of how Commercial Property investment may be another alternative to Managed Funds for your retirement income. Keep scrolling to find out how you can get started on buying a commercial property in your Australian super fund.


Commercial Property

Paid Quarterly Paid Monthly
Non Physical Assets Physical Assets
Wide Spread of shares Only Select Properties
Concerns over 2019 Stock Crash Stable Commercial Property Prices
No Control over company that you've invested in More Control, Flexibility to renovate
Banks will lend little amounts of shares Banks will lend lots of money for commercial loans
Global Market Local Market (more isoalated from Global trends)


Managed Funds $90,000 vs Commercial Property $150,000

Here's an example of how you may be able to conservatively INCREASE YOUR YIELD. 

Mr Jones had approx. $1.5m of his Australian Super Fund money invested in Managed Funds for his retirement and was receiving approx 6% return.

He was receiving approx $90,000 pa.  Mr Jones was happy until his shares starting losing $80,000 in value in the space of a few weeks. At that point, he realised he had no control over his own hard earned money in the fund.

The solution? He ended up financing and buying a commercial investment property with govt backed tenants. Now he has control over his funds and the best bit he is making approx. $3000 per week or $150,000 per year.

If you'd like to know more details as to how this may be done you are welcome to come along to one our investment property seminars in Sydney or Melbourne, where you can learn how it may be possible to conservatively INCREASE the yield in your Australian Super Fund.


So what could the numbers possibly look like?

Approximately 10% yield

+ Possible capital gain

(should the commercial property appreciate inside the Superannuation Fund?)

+ You control your own hard earned money.

*The above is an example only and uses an average managed fund yield of 6%. Some managed funds may return less and some may return more. It is an example only Past performance is not an indication of future performance. The above is information only and is no way advice. You must consult a licensed professional adviser before you take any investment decision.The adviser will take into account your personal position before any decision is made.


If you’re considering investing in a commercial property, and looking for a cash flow property seminar, this is where you’ll learn all about commercial real estate.:

  • Current property hotspots around Australia and how to buy commercial real estate
  • Residential property investment vs Commercial property investment
  • Buying commercial real estate through realcommercial using a through a trust structure.
  • How commercial real estate investors create wealth from commercial property investment.
  • Learn about Off Market Commercial and why some properties don't even go on realcommercial
  • Current commercial property yields
  • Tax minimisation strategies a commercial real estate investor uses when real estate investing
  • Expert hints and tips for when you are buying your next investment property.

Why attend a FREE Investment Property Seminar?

A good investment property seminar can be a life changing experience and can vastly improve the way you grow your property portfolio. It's a good way to learn all about commercial real estate. This is done by:

  • Providing easy-to-follow advice to show you how to become a commercial real estate investor
  • Explaining how diversify from residential real estate investing into commercial real estate investing
  • Explaining commercial real estate investing is much more than just finding a property on realcommercial
  • Presents new property markets for you to explore, widening your real estate investing
  • Showing you ways to increase future wealth through commercial property investing as a commercial real estate investor.
  • Introducing you to property investment experts who share their wisdom with you.
  • Helping you understand what the latest market updates, current rental returns, commercial yields and occupancy rates are