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Here's how the simple numbers may look

8%  Net Yield Tenanted Commercial property


3.99%  Commercial Real Estate Loan


Income from Day 1

The opportunity is now, while rates are so low.

This live commercial investment property webinar is jam packed full of content about commercial property and

Positive Income through commercial property

Find out why negatively geared residential investors are QUICKLY switching from residential investment properties into positive cash flow commercial properties.

Some investors are making from $500 per week 🤑 in passive income. Others are earning all the way up to $250,000 per year profit.

Don't miss out on this opportunity for a webinar that could change the way you invest

Within the webinar there is a 


In this webinar you’ll hear from our panel of experts, who specialise in commercial property transactions.

  • A Commercial Real Estate Buyers Agent

  • Commercial Property Finance Broker & a

  • Professional Commercial Property Investor

Commercial Real Estate 🏦 – A buyers agent will share their knowledge and experience in regards to buying commercial property. Learn from  a successful Commercial Property Investor who has built a Commercial Property portfolio of over $10 Million dollars within 5 years.

Commercial Property Finance 💰Commercial Warehouse is a commercial finance broker that specialises in helping arrange commercial property loans especially for high yield commercial real estate investors.

Types of loans discussed will include:-

  • SMSF commercial loans

  • Full Doc commercial loans

  • Low Doc commercial loans

  • No Doc commercial loans &

  • Lease only commercial loans.

Lease only commercial loans (commonly called Lease Doc Loans) will be covered in depth as these are one of the most popular commercial loans that are written.

Why should you listen to this Commercial Investment Property Webinar?

A great property investment seminar or webinar can be a life changing experience and can vastly improve the way you think about commercial property and give tips on how to grow your property portfolio. This is done by:

  • Providing easy-to-follow information.

  • Explaining to how to diverisfy your portfolio with different strategies

  • Presents new property markets for you to explore.

  • Showing you possible ways to increase future wealth through property.

  • Introducing you to property experts who share their wisdom with you.

  • Helping you understand what the latest market updates, current rental returns and occupancy rates are.

During the webinar, you will hear Real Examples of Real people making REAL MONEY

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How is this property investment webinar different to others?

Commercial property is about relationships. Through this webinar you'll hear one on one with industry experts who will help you on your commercial property journey.

How are such high quality commercial properties sourced?

The properties sourced must meet special criteria. Due to a large network of relationships Australia wide, many of the properties that are found, are 'Off Market' and have not even hit the internet. The trick is to get these properties before they go onto the general market.

Will there be information on Residential Property Investment?

No. There are currently plenty of other seminars for residential investors. In this webinar, we specialise in commercial property only. This is one of the reasons this webinar is so popular as there are very few specialist commercial property presentations.

Is this webinar suitable for beginner commercial property investors?

Yes. Our goal is make purchasing the right commercial property easy for you. We do this through our simple to understand presentation that also goes into enough depth for the savvy commercial property investor.

This webinar is much more than a webinar, its an introduction into a COMMERCIAL INVESTMENT PROPERTY COMMUNITY

Look whats just happened to Commercial Real Estate Enquiry after the government said it was going to start reopening Australia!


"Generate Positive Income

from Day One"

Learn about Commercial Real estate.

We'll show you real examples of customers who are already achieving

$500 - $1,000 per week passive income stream

through buying positive cash flow commercial real estate

The opportunities are already coming


1/ Possible Higher yields

Residential property normally yields 3 -5 %

In commercial property we can see yields over 6% up to 12%

2/ Long term leases (set and forget)

This means income streams can be more stable.

It is not uncommon to see tenants sign leases for 3 years, with some longer leases going 10 and 15 years

3/ Smaller Deposits

This is not what you would normally expect, however it is not uncommon to see small commercial properties in metro areas for sale on realcommercial that can be bought for less than $200,000. Compare this to the minimum residential prices

4/ Tenants during business hours

Most businesses are run during office hours so it would rare to get a call from a property manager on a weekend

5/ You get an asset which is tangible (you can touch it)

When you buy a commercial property, it has a replacement value. It is a building.

6/ The tenants pays the outgoings

With may leases the tenant pays all the outgoings.

7/ Direct Investment Control

With shares you have an investment controlled by someone else. With property you have a direct investment which you control.

8/ Leverage

The property can be financed to create higher returns. In some cases it can go to 80% of purchase price.

9/ Public eye

Most tenants are running businesses and so it is important to have a good public image which includes their work place

10/ Low Interest rates

With interest rates very low, some tenants are paying more rent than the loan repayments, so the properties can be positive


"Learn how to Replace Your Income

in just a few Commercial Investment Property Deals"

Instead of  having to buy 10 or 20 residential investment properties,

find out how commercial real estate investors may just need a few high quality cash flow deals

to achieve a strong passive income?

These investment property seminars are all about commercial real estate

Australia wide

A Sydney mum uses this method

to earn over $4000/week in positive cash flow.

What's The secret?

She invests in cafes, offices and other commercial properties for sale on realcommercial which have long-term tenants in place. These investment properties could potentially give you 5x more positive cash flow than residential properties for the same investment.

Plus, they can provide you with a PASSIVE INCOME.

At this property seminar. learn how to do it smart and correctly from a professional Commercial Property Investor TODAY.

Below are some passive income commercial real estate examples.